Dermatoglyphics and abo blood group

Dr. Saleh Almarashi1, Dr. Chhaya Sawant2 , Dr.Sayed fakhruddin3 , Dr. A.A.Mahagan3

1 Associate professor, Department of Anatomy, 2 consultants, Department of medicine, 3 professor, Department of Anatomy


The Scientific study of lines on human hands is known as Dermatoglyphi, the Term. ‘Dermatoglyphics’ was first coined by Herald Cummins in 1926, Since then Dermatoglyphics have been studied in various diseases like Genetics disorders, Diabetes, Schizophreania etc , Study of variations in Dermatoglyphic patterns in different ABO blood group persons have been done by workers like Otto-Boztti (1698). Parmasivam (1970) & Verchouf (1973) Nayak & Patel (1975), etc , Present study has been undertaken to study variation in Dermatoglyphics patterns of ABO blood group in Population of Marathwada region of Maharashtra.
• Kores duplicating ink
• Ink Roller
• White Glossy Papers

Magnifying Glass
• Protector
• Dermatoglyphics prints of 1150 individual (782 males and 368 females) were taken
The individuals were normal, healthy and free from any major ailment.
Method :-
Kores duplicating ink was applied on palms & finger tips. Prints were taken on white glossy paper, care was taken that all the parts of the palm are impressed propery. All prints were clearly labeled for age, sex and blood group.
Following points were studied in each print.
I- Qualitative analysis
A- Finger tip Patterns
• Arches
• Loops
• Whorls

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