A case buried alive deprived from medical care: case report

Nabil H.Al-Hamadi

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology dept, Medical College, Sana'a University

Definitions of terms:

Cadaver: dead body.
Jurisprudence: Justice.
Exhumation: getting the cadaver out of grave or burial site.
Assailant: one who commits crime.
Adipocere formation: cadaver covered with wax.
Putrefaction: decomposition of the body.
Case History:
A 28 years old male was reported 6 months away from his family to police, after an immense survey by detectors , his cousin who was recently back from Dubai confessed that he buried him on the roof of the 3rd floor of his fathers' left house. Both relatives are known alcoholics, were drinking alcohol together, the victim has drunk an additional amount of spirit (methanol), got drowsy and then unconscious at 12.00 midnight. This is accepted with that of Kuller.L et al1 . Consequently as being worried to be accused for committing the crime, he decided to bury

the victim and left to Dubai next day for 6 months, feeling guilty he decided to tell the police the whole true story.
This is to my knowledge the first report of unusual burial of alive human being. Fortunately the nature of such crimes were revealed by forensic experts, exhumed and examined in the presence of police detectives. Discovery of the burial site was due to the confession of the assailant himself.
Results and Discussion:
The police detectives, crime scene experts and a forensic specialist attended the exhumation on the roof of the 3rd floor, the amount of soil, sand and cement bricks were amazing Fig ( 1&2).
We started cautiously removing the soil and sand from over the cadaver, which was backed in a black plastic garbage sac and was tied firmly in a knee – chest position, rolled by a woolen blanket Fig (3&4).
Examination of the cadaver:

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