Prospective Comparison of Nitroglycerine Versus Nifedipine in the Management of Mild Pregnancy – induced Hypertension Remote from Term

Intisar Ali Mohammed

Department of obstetrics and gynecology. faculty of medicine and health sciences, Sana'a University


Pregnancy can induce hypertension in normotensive women or aggravate already existing hypertension .Pregnancy – induced hypertension is a major contributor to maternal perinatal morbidity and mortality.
It is a late manifestation of multi-factorial, multi-system disease initiated very early in Pregnancy it is a feature which suggests an inadequate maternal response to pregnancy.
(1, 2)How Pregnancy Incites or aggravates hypertension remains an unresolved problem despite decades of intensive research,hypertension disorder remains among the most important unsolved problems in obstetrics. (1)
Based on the above data we have no doubt that any attempt to prevent hypertension or to reduce its severity using different modalities of new management plans must be considerably taken.
Materials and Methods
This study was conducted on 40 pregnant women diagnosed to have mild pin attending the primary health care units in hospital for antenatal care.

Inclusion Criteria :
Patients with the following criteria were included in the study :
1-Gravid with gestation age > 28 weeks < 37.
2-Systolic pressure between 140-150 mmHg, Diastolic blood pressure between 90-10 mmHg. insignificant proteinuria < 2 + on at least two occasions by dip stick method. (3)
3-Singleton Pregnancy.
4-No other medication taken.
They were divided into two groups :
Group I: Twenty cases were treated with nitroglycerin in the form of nitrodrem Patch.
Group II: Twenty cases were treated with calcium channel blocker nifedipine in the form of oral tablets.
The study included forty cases of pregnant women. Twenty – eight women were selected from primary health care centers around the city, while 12 cases were selected from outpatients clinic of hospitals.

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