Diagnostic role of multi-slice computerized tomography in laryngeal lesions

Abdulwahab M Almutahar 1, Zain H. Alhaddad1 , Yousriah Y Sabry 2

1Departments of Radiodiagnosis Thamar University, 2Cairo University


Computed tomography has been well established as the imaging method of choice for laryngeal evaluation .Recently, with the introduction of multi-detector row CT scanners, there has been a great leap forward in CT imaging of all body areas in general. A combination of the multiple detector rows and faster gantry rotation times allows applications such as isotropic imaging, 3D reconstructed images and virtual endoscopy to now be performed with exquisite results (1).Isotropic imaging is when multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) images can be created in any plane with the same spatial resolution as the original acquisition. Subsequently coronal, para-axial, sagittal, curved, or oblique sections can be
obtained using the same data set, rather than acquiring additional sections. This adds to patient comfort, reduces

radiation and provides these planes of imaging in patients where such images were previously impossible to acquire (2). 3D reconstruction software use different algorithms as surface rendering, and volume rendering (VR). Three-dimensional surface shaded display (3D SSD) algorithms isolate the surface of an anatomical structure of interest from the initial volume of data. The voxels constituting the structure to display are isolated from the surrounding voxels based on their density properties using threshold segmentation. Segmentation results in a binary classification of the voxels constituting the volume of data: voxels within the threshold values are retained for rendering and voxels out of the threshold values are removed. The information loss is therefore remarkable. The impression of depth and relief is given in illuminating

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