Development and application of a maternity satisfaction questionnaire

Bothaina Attal1*, Dave Haran 2, Amir Hassan 2

1 Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sana’a University, Yemen , 2 Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


Women-centred and women-friendly approaches have been emphasised in health care1,2. Although issues have been long raised about the concept, measurement and explanation of satisfaction3,4,5,satisfaction has become important in assessing women’s perspectives on the quality of the care6,7. A number of instruments have been developed and used in maternal satisfaction surveys in the industrialised countries where quantitative data have been used to assess the different aspects of care 8,9 (e.g. privacy , labour environment , place of birth), to compare different models of care9,10 (e.g. midwives’ and (

obstetrician-led maternity units ) or interventions11. Several of these surveys applied multidimensional questionnaires which assess satisfaction with several aspects of care. However, few studies reported the validity and reliability of the results 12-16 (table 1). Few studies were published from developing countries 17, 18. However, there was no information published from developing countries 17, 18. However, there was no information about the reliability or validity of the data collection tool applied. Other questionnaires address specific aspects of care. Soet et al 13 measured women’s satisfaction with their

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