Trauma in Yemen: Distribution of Trauma in patients presented to Al-Thawrah General Hospital; Sana'a.Yemen.

Ahmed kaid Salem, MD

Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health sciences. Department of Medicine, Al-Thawra Hospital


Major trauma has become one of the leading causes of death in Yemen Non fatal accidents are more numerous, and some of them cause permanent disability. Successful and expeditious management with early definitive treatment is required to save lives and resources. Despite the annual increase in number of motor vehicle crashes, gunshot wounds and its fatalities, little has been done to address the problem of trauma and its serious fatalities, sequences on the Yemeni society especially the prehospital care. Unfortunately, there is no organized approach to trauma care or prevention except that ill equipped general hospitals, since no trauma centers or

qualified ambulance staff and equipments. Traumatized patients are transported by relatives or volunteers, sometimes takes a long time and journey to the nearest general hospital. The impact of these deficiencies become manifest in the findings that many of those trauma deaths can be prevented with creation of systemized approach to trauma care. The first cohort approximately 50% of trauma fatalities occurs in the immediate post injury period and they are caused by overwhelming injury to the brain heart or great vessels 1,2. In Yemen there is no accurate figures on the victims this phase. In the 2nd phase, mortality occurs within hours of injury and some of these deaths can be prevented by application of efficient

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