FMHS Library

The FMHS Library is one of the largest libraries in Sana’a University and contains a large number of resources and references in various medical disciplines, both in Arabic and English languages. FMHS library aims at encouraging FMHS professors and students; both undergraduate and postgraduate students, to carry out more scientific researches by providing an opportunity for students to take advantage of their leisure time and use it in research and reading to develop their scientific capabilities and skills. A student or researcher can make use of the contents of the library in many methods, including:

  • Internal Loan Service: This service allows students and researchers to borrow any FMHS library resources and references they may need. They can use these resources inside FMHS dedicated reading rooms.
  • Copy-making services: these services allow students or researchers to make a printed copy of whatever resources they may need.
  • Reference Service:- by this service, FMHS student is given the opportunity to use various medical resources, dictionaries and references. Furthermore, he/she will be assisted on the easiest way of how to use all of these resources to get the information he/she is looking for.
  • External Loan Service: It provides an opportunity for students and researchers to borrow FMHS library books and take them outside FMHS building. While undergraduate students can borrow two individual books at once for more than ten days, postgraduate students can borrow four individual books.
  • Internet Service: students can have the opportunity to use this service to search online for any new books, references and periodicals. This service is provided inside FMHS library at very high speed.

The Electronic Library:

This service allows FMHS students and researchers to easily keep themselves updated on latest medical books, researches and publications via the hand-held, tablet (iPad) or PCs computers available in the library. This is in addition to providing Internet services.


The Medical Education Development Centre (MEDC) was established by the decision of the Sana’a University Rector No. 672 of 2002. It marks an important event at FMHS since it is competent to review FMHS curricula and train FMHS teachers on the development of educational programs and on modern methods in the teaching and learning processes. Its duties include promoting the development and implementation of the Continuing Education Plan. This center oversees the Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation Unit and the Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences.