Faculty Director Statement

"Technical development of automated systems and information technology has become a vital benchmark. We know well the magnitude and the importance of the digital technology systems in today world and the high turnout witnessed of organizations to the modern information technology and automated systems. In Medicine and health sciences field, digital technology supports the different medical specializations with artificial intelligence and stimulation programs. Many concepts and terms have developed in the academic learning field and strategy; for example, the concept of Distance Education and the Virtual Educational Institutions and their applications.

Such concepts helps to improve scientific research coincide with all modern changes beyond geographical realities.

At the level of countries, the level of using these automated systems and information networks measures the nations' development. Using this standard in our country, we will notice that we need tremendous efforts to improve ourselves in the digital and technological areas. Accordingly, it is necessary to redouble our effort to be able to bridge the gap by offering serious plans and strategic and growing operational mechanism.

From this prospective, this website for Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is the tool to react with the developed world and it is the path to a bright digital future rich with integrated medical information in all its aspects and applications.

Finally, I would like to thank Information System Administration in the faculty for their efforts and whover contributed to the success of this work."

Faculty Secretary

Eng. Eskander Abdu Almaqaleh


The Medical Education Development Centre (MEDC) was established by the decision of the Sana’a University Rector No. 672 of 2002. It marks an important event at FMHS since it is competent to review FMHS curricula and train FMHS teachers on the development of educational programs and on modern methods in the teaching and learning processes. Its duties include promoting the development and implementation of the Continuing Education Plan. This center oversees the Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation Unit and the Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences.