Admission and Registration

Stage of coordination for admission test at one of the Faculty's departments:

It is the stage, applications of students interested to enter the admission test who meet the specific admission requirements according to the General Admission Policy. Admission coordination process is done through the Electronic Gate (, and the Higher University Council sets the application deadline. Applicants are admitted in a faculty downwards starting with the higher grades in the entrance tests and in high school until the requested number of applicants for each division is attained

Final Admission State :

Final admission is processed to the candidates as mentioned and they have to fill their application files and submit them to faculty admission committee with all required documents. After the deadline, no file will be accepted even if the applicant is among potential candidates.

In case of withdrawal or absence of a number of candidates or admitted students, other applicants of the same number of students will be admitted according to the differentiation results in the last day of admission in each division and with formal records.


The Medical Education Development Centre (MEDC) was established by the decision of the Sana’a University Rector No. 672 of 2002. It marks an important event at FMHS since it is competent to review FMHS curricula and train FMHS teachers on the development of educational programs and on modern methods in the teaching and learning processes. Its duties include promoting the development and implementation of the Continuing Education Plan. This center oversees the Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation Unit and the Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences.