Some Objectives of the Yemeni Universities:

It was stated at the beginning of Article 5 of Law No. 18 of 1995 that the goal of the Yemeni universities is generally to raise a generation of citizens who believe in God, belong to their homeland and their nation, are faithful to the noble Arabic Islamic ideals, are familiar with and proud of their civilizations and the heritage of their, are looking forward to make conscious use of the human civilization heritage and the Arab-Islamic civilization and to carry out, promote and guide scientific research to serve the community, to contribute to the provision of knowledge, science, literature and arts and to strengthen scientific and cultural ties with other universities and institutions both inside and outside the country.

FMHS Objectives :

  • To have qualified health team members who are well prepared with all skills and knowledge necessary to meet current and future healthcare needs,
  • To develop professional ethics and teamwork among health team members,
  • To have highly qualified professors and specialists in various fields of medical and health sciences,
  • To develop necessary and appropriate Continuing Education Programs and postgraduate studies programs,
  • To encourage FMHS teachers and students to carry out more scientific researches, both academic and applied researches, with priority given to health problems in Yemen and to propose practical solutions for such problems,
  • To contribute to the scaling up of health services by participating in the planning, training and evaluation processes with the Ministry of Public Health and other relevant institutions, and To actively enhance and support the Arabic localization efforts.


The Medical Education Development Centre (MEDC) was established by the decision of the Sana’a University Rector No. 672 of 2002. It marks an important event at FMHS since it is competent to review FMHS curricula and train FMHS teachers on the development of educational programs and on modern methods in the teaching and learning processes. Its duties include promoting the development and implementation of the Continuing Education Plan. This center oversees the Quality Assurance & Academic Accreditation Unit and the Sana’a University Journal of Medical Sciences.